alice in wonderland (1915)

“…what appears to be the most easily accessible Alice film hides a complicated, and even mysterious, history.”

this film was split into two versions, but luckily we’re able to watch them stitched back together courtesy of youtube user ‘Phantomwise’. for a film made in 1916, there’s some great visual scenes. definitely worth a watch.


cry terror! (1958)

starring James Mason and Inger Stevens as a couple who, along with their daughter, get kidnapped as part of a ransom scheme by a criminal gang. the movie is a series of suspenseful moments, from car chases to bomb countdowns to hurried escapes. it gets a bit ridiculous at times, but it also dives into darker situations to help with the suspense. rape, drug-addicted rage, and violence against children are all dangers used to raise the tension in the film.


James Mason and Inger Stevens


“The Gang” led by Rod Steiger


One of the darker and more suspenseful parts of the film where Joan is left alone not once, but twice with a benzo addicted gangster played by Neville Brand


“An Experience In Suspense!”

forbidden planet (1956)

considered one of the greatest sci-fi films of the 1950’s, this film was the first of any genre to have an entirely electronic musical score. starring a very young Leslie Nielsen as the ship’s commander and Anne Francis as a mad-scientist’s naive daughter, the movie sets a precedent for what sci-fi eventually becomes in the decades that follow.


Anne Francis as Altaira Morbius, which may be one of the greatest movie names of all time


Robby the Robot was the first robot in film to have a distinct personality and contribute significantly to the plot


Anne Francis and young Leslie Nielsen